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A few months back destiny gave us one of his traditional pseudo-intellectual
posts, rants he has come to rely upon fueling him a few thousand twitch views each day to pay the bills.

He pointed to the importance of casual gamers on the success of starcraft. I dont often agree with destiny, but in this case, hes mostly on the money. The arcade feature in SC2 is fucking bollocks. If you take into consideration the release of sc2 and the arcade update, Blizzard have done an excellent job in destroying the generation of any major custom game community.

The other factor is Blizzard have basically blown their load on sc2. LoL and moba games went large, streaming has gone nuts and sc2 has been left sitting on the verge, gradually getting hit to death by passing moba-cars. Had they listened to the community more, or i guess, recognised the community and what they liked/disliked about starcraft and war3, then they would have recognised people played it mostly for the custom games.

You could also go further and say Blizzard were insane not to capitalise more on the moba and tower defense game themes that have gone BIG now. Blizzard had these sitting under their nose for years and never thought to capitalise more on them. Essentially they assumed it wasn’t the custom games that were popular, it was THEIR game that was popular.

So when sc2 came out, Blizz assumed everyone would play their game because its so good, everyone loves competitive RTS. Lets ad all these features to make competitive RTS better. Lets not touch custom games, nobody played it for that.

We now have all these moba titles and indie tower defense games bringing in the casual gamers and Blizzard are left with the husk of a game wondering what went wrong.

So where to now for competitive RTS? I think to some degree Blizzard have stuffed up and are very vulnerable to any RTS title that comes out with some exciting new features looking to challenge sc2. However at the same time its important to simply recognise that this is all just a trend occurring in gaming atm. That moba and LoL/dota2 is popular and these games will take most gamers attention for a few years.

sc2 isnt dead, its still the no1 competitive RTS game, it just might be a few years before we ever see something like brood wars happen again in RTS.


Uzune On December - 26 - 2012

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