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I get confused with TSM a lot, especially theoddone. As a team, they have this livefast-getrich-youngmoney type attitude. They were one of the first BIG LoL teams, and one of the first BIG streaming teams, I reckon it went to their head. There behaviour I find very unprofessional.

Watching/listening to them on stream, each of them in their own degrees have major egos. To me it seems as if theoddone and reginald encourage this. They are the leaders of TSM and I think they encourage this free wheeling, us against the world, over-confidence. Dyrus I find resists this to an extent, but overall, their chemistry is just, OFF.

Personality, chemistry, team dynamics, they are powerful forces that require fine balancing. TSM got hot early on in their careers, but now I think the different sides of peoples personalities are starting to unhinge things.

Another aspect of all this is the gaming house concept. Its dangerous! Crickey, I would never recommend it for the majority of teams. Playing for long lengths of time, through wins, losses, good/bad events, life events, that shit is tough just over skype and lan, let alone being in each others faces 24/7.

Outside of pre lan bootcamps, complexity back in 2007 were one of the first teams to explore this. It worked for CoL back in the day because they were fucking pros. This leads me to a fascinating comparison between a counterstrike team of players that have gone through a thorough onslaught of pro level competition, some 6+ years. Compared to TSM, a LoL team, mostly new to competitive games, only playing professionally and in major lans for a couple of years.

A gaming house worked for col in 2007 because a) these guys were absolute pros b) they were a bit older and wiser c) had a level headed mix of guys. So it worked. TSM on the other hand, younger set of guys, new to all the highs and lows of a pro scene, tipped on a veritable popularity roller-coaster that has been the explosion of LoL.

So basically, I don’t think a house solution is good in the majority of cases and I think its a terrible solution for TSM.

Getting blunter now. I think reginald is very controlling and wants to be the ‘dominant’ one. This buttsheads with theoddone, who also wants this. They envelope themselves in a constant kind of ‘unworded’ leadership conflict. Meanwhile chaox and xspecial admire the hell out of both these guys and mimic in degrees this over-ego’ness.

So there you have it, my overly judgemental and assumptionist outsiders read into the complex inner workings of TSM, which I think are slowly self-destructing.

Moral of the story? If you wanna go far in anything professional, keep your feet on the ground and stay chill!

Dosinu On January - 6 - 2013

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  1. ESPORTS says:



    After one paragraph I was wondering whether you finished highschool, grammar classes or actually learned how to use a computer. You don’t know what you are talking about and obviously don’t know how to spell any of the words that wondrously connect to your thoughts. Over half of the pro players in LoL are showboaters, of course… They still get to play games with little league players and thanks to the internet they can’t get punched in the face. If you want to see some ego’s go watch IWdominate or SV… Good god… you watch a stream for a few hours and you think you figured an entire team out…

    • Paul George says:

      my grammars not 2 good, im trying to get it better and like to think most stuff i write reads ok.

      and yes this piece is VERY judgmental and assuming alot, its just an opinion, my thoughts as they have driveled out of my head.

      thnx for ur comments lmao

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